NSSTUDIO is a holistic design practice that focuses on the integration of interior, building and bespoke joinery design into a unified package. This ensures the design intent and detailing is preserved throughout the project to deliver an exceptional project for our clients.


Interior Design

NSSTUDIO is distinctive because of its amalgamation of interior design and building design services. The studio is passionate about delivering a complete project that meets the clients requirements inside and out. The studio selects and prepares materials and finishes and integrates them into our 3D models to illustrate the final finish to our clients


Building Design

Every project we design is developed through extensive communication and collaboration with clients to ensure that we deliver a bespoke building that responds to the unique requirements and practices of the occupants. NSSTUDIO operates across all stages of the building design process from initial concept and sketch stage to council lodgement and through to construction documentation and administration. Working from conception to completion allows the studio to ensure that the concepts and design developed with our clients is maintained and adhered to throughout the process.


Bespoke Joinery

We value the details that add value to your project. We specialise in designing custom joinery solutions to achieve the spatial, acoustic and aesthetic requirements our clients have for a space. Each piece of joinery is developed in consultation with our clients and industry consultants.