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About us

Established in 2007 by Nathalie Scipioni, NSSTUDIO is a multidisciplinary design practice located in the inner west of Sydney. We specialize in delivering bespoke design solutions for residential, commercial, education and public projects. Over the past 10 years NSSTUDIO has developed a reputation for design excellence and for client focused design for which we have received numerous awards and been widely published. We are specialised at working within the constricted spatial, heritage and policy constraints of the inner west of Sydney. The studio is epitomised by a consistent language of natural lighting, rich materiality and detail driven design.


NSSTUDIO is a young team under the guidance of Principal, Nathalie Scipioni. Nathalie has over two decades of experience working in architecture and heritage across Italy, France and Australia. Nathalie was responsible for the restoration of UNESCO Heritage listed site at Place Stanislas in Nancy, France and has worked on large scale heritage projects across Australia. Nathalie has developed a reputation for award winning, light-filled residential and commercial projects that draw on European influences and respond to Australian conditions. The mix of youth and experience positions the studio to embrace new technology and develop innovative systems of practice to build on the experience and expertise that comes from operating for over 10 years.

We are committed to a culture of collaboration within the studio, with external consultants and councils and most importantly with clients. Our relationship with our clients guides our approach and design process. The studio prides itself on understanding the client’s expectations for their project and cultivating and developing the concept through collaboration and innovation solutions into a design that exceeds expectations.

 Our team utilizes the latest 3D modelling and architectural documentation software. Our use of Building Information Modelling (BIM) technology means that we can integrate consultants work into the 3D digital file to create a realistic simulation of the final design with a true reflection of structure and services. It also enables us to share 3D walkthroughs of the model with our clients, this lets the clients explore the project at each step of process to ensure that they can virtually experience the project as it develops.